Friday, 22 April 2011

The Best Way to Setup A Running Carp Rig

Carp Fishing Rigs and How To Set Them up

The particular set up of the running lead used by lots of carp fishermen when carp fishing in France and is also perhaps the most well-known and easiest method to setup. The construction is really surprisingly easy. You take the main line and thread it through the loop on the weight or pear lead. Then you pull a rubber bead on the line and tie in to the swivel. From the other end of the swivel you tie your hair rig and you are ready to go. See picture below showing the complete setup.

The lead is then free to move onto the main line. Whenever the Carp takes the bait and you get a run the carp swims away with out feeling any kind of resistance to the bait as the lead left on the water bed and the line run free through the lead. As the carp feels no resistance he or she should not eject the bait and the fish is hooked. The weight of the lead can be selected according to the distance you actually want to fish at. You should simply experiment with what weight you can cast the best to reach the spot in the lake where you are fishing.

Safe Fixed Leads

Using this particular method the lead is actually placed at a length of only 20 to 30 inches from the hook. It does not run freely on the mainline but is fixed. The idea was a totally fresh way of thinking for me personally. Now when I first seen this unique method I was very skeptical as the weight is fixed and the fish would obviously feel the resistance, can this work I though? The first time I tried this fixed lead method was when I was carp fishing in France and it worked like a charm. At this point I must say when using this fixed lead method you must use a korda safety clip, this ensures the lead will come off should you lose the fish in a snag.

So, just how and why does this fixed lead method work. Well when you are using a fixed (make sure you are using a korda safety clip) the fish sucks the bait in and when the fish pulls against the lead the fish actually hooks itself and then goes on a screaming run. Using this method it is best to use a 3oz lead to ensure the fish hooks itself. On large lakes I have used this method with great success when carp fishing in france.
In the diagram below you can see just how the fixed rig works in conjunction with a korda safety clip to ensure any fish lost will eject the lead with ease and not become stuck in the snag.